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RUBEN BURGESS is an artist and stylist based in new york city, by way of dallas, tx.

these totes are hand painted on 100% cotton canvas. they are one of a kind, in a series of 12. each tote measures 16" x 15". 

about the artist:

"from his adept background in the sartorial realm, burgess exposes the fragility of life through varying mediums. he examines the threads we wear in relation to our human form and utilizes various materials to capture an uneasiness that a line could snap at any moment, that all of the things we hold onto are inherently ephemeral." 

find more of ruben's work here

or follow him on social media @sartorialnolift


all of our pieces are made from reclaimed sterling silver and 18k gold. reclaimed means we use metal from unwanted jewellery or scraps that were melted down and transform them into new pieces.

our gemstones are all conflict-free, meaning they are sourced, processed, and traded without contributing to violence, human rights abuses, or armed conflicts. diamonds are from countries that adhere to the kimberley process, which prevents the distribution of conflict diamonds.

  • mens bracelets fit wrists 7"-8". womens bracelet fit wrists 5"-6". all bracelets can tailored to your preferred length by our in-house jewelers.
  • necklaces are measured end-to-end from clasp to closure. they come in varying lengths and styles.
  • rings come in sizes 4-13. all of our rings can be made in custom sizing.
  • our sterling silver and 18k gold can withstand occasional water exposure, but we recommend taking our pieces off before showering or swimming to maintain the best appearance and avoid tarnishing.
  • store pieces separately to avoid potential scratches and knocking together.
  • clean your pieces with warm water and mild dish soap, using a soft brush.
  • if you would like your piece polished or cleaned at any time, please feel free to visit our lower east side studio and we will be happy to do so for you at no cost.

all exchanges and refunds should take place within 30 days.

while we assess repairs on a case by case basis, it is our desire to take care of our clients to the best of our ability and we typically will perform most necessary repairs at limited or no cost.

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