about jonathan meizler

with a diverse background in filmmaking, art history, and fashion, jonathan meizler pursues the overlooked and unexpected, introducing an unusual and varied perspective into the world of accessories, jewelry and home.

an active member of the CFDA and an accomplished designer of hand tailored sportswear for both men and women as well as a couture collection, jonathan remains a hands-on craftsman who demands an impeccable execution from every piece created.

about the brand

title of work is a modern luxury collection consisting of jewelry, neckwear, scarves, sculptural objects and lighting that explores and draws inspiration from archetypes found in architecture, engineering, human nature, and fine art.

our flagship is located at 57 orchard street in the lower east side, it also houses a working studio where all of our jewelry, neckwear and accessories are developed, designed and created. this concept of 'transparent retail’ lends itself authentically to slow fashion.