Ethical Elements

Recycled Sterling Silver & 18k Gold

We use recycled and reclaimed metals processed by refiners that are dedicated to responsibly adopting the best sustainable practices.

Fairtrade 18k Gold

We only use non-recycled or reclaimed gold, which is certified Fairtrade, indicating its purchase is at a fair price that respects the livelihood and working conditions of small-scale and artisan miners.

Conflict-Free Diamonds

We work with conflict-free diamonds from countries that adhere to the Kimberley Process, preventing the distribution of conflict diamonds in both rough and polished cut stones.

Natural Fabrics

The fabrications we use are predominantly natural fibers sourced and custom woven from mills in Italy, England, and Japan.

Conscious Design

Design Inspiration & Process

Each season, Jonathan Meizler explores and draws inspiration from archetypes found in architecture, engineering, human nature, and fine art of a particular period. After considerable research, he develops and expands it into a final concept, which is then deconstructed and reinterpreted onto a dimensional canvas: object, fabric, or piece of jewelry.

The design process is based upon a deliberate creation of pieces that remain relevant in this ever-changing world. Meizler consciously avoids momentary or transient trends in favor of an individual aesthetic which retains presence and longevity.

Transparent Production

Production Process

Abiding by couture atelier standards, all neckwear, jewelry and objects are produced on-site and in small quantities to avoid unnecessary excess inventory, minimizing carbon footprint and providing work for jewelers, sample makers, and craftsmen. These artisans cut, embroider, solder, forge and bead each individual piece by hand using distinctive techniques that preserve inherited craft traditions.

About Jonathan Meizler

With a diverse background in filmmaking, art history, and fashion, Jonathan Meizler pursues the overlooked and unexpected, introducing into the world of men’s accessories what hadn’t been there before. An active member of the CFDA and veteran designer of couture, hand-tailored sport and evening wear, Jonathan remains a hands-on craftsman who demands an individual perspective and impeccable execution from every piece.

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